• Which are the appropriate Government authorities in Bangalore for sanctioning the Layout plans and building plans ?
    • Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike ie. BBMP within the city limits.
    • Bangalore Developing Authority ie. BDA within a certain radius outside the BBMP limits.
    • All Apartments and other major buildings within BBMP limits also should have the approval of BDA.
    • Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority ie. BMRDA , within the Bangalore urban district.
    • Respective Town Planning Authorities within the Town limits. For Example, Ramnagar Town Planning Authority ie. RCUDA.
    • Bangalore International Airport Authority around the Bengaluru International Airport ie. BIAAPA.
    • BMICAPA , ie. Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Authority, for the lands situated around the BMIC Express high way.
  • What is Conversion of land for use?
    • Agricultural land can not be used for any other purpose other than agricultural activities and it can be bought only by an agriculturist.
    • Agricultural lands have to first converted for Industrial or Residential purposes by following the right procedures before any other activity can be undertaken.
  • What is the Guidance Value of the property ?
    It is the value of the vacant plot or a building as notified by the Stamps & Registration authorities. It varies from locality to locality and even from one road to another road in the same locality. It is the minimum value of the property for which one has to pay the stamp duty to the Government while buying a property.
  • Who has to bear the cost the Stamp Duty and Registration charges when a property is bought or sold ?
    As a matter of practice it is the purchaser who will have to bear these costs.
  • What is Super Built Area ?
    Super built area is the total area of construction including the walls, corridors, staircases etc.
  • What is Khata ?
    Khata is the land record with the appropriate authority which mentions the owner or the property and is issued only after verification of Registration documents, Will deeds etc. Unless the property is Tax assessed by the authority, Khata is not issued.
  • What is Pahani?
    It is land record which mentions the name of the owner and the person cultivating the agricultural land along with tax details and land extents.
  • What is SAS?
    SAS is Self Assessment Scheme introduced by BBMP to enable the residents to voluntarily declare the details of their plot and buildings, calculate the property tax and pay the same to BBMP. It was based on Annual Rental Value ( ARV) of the property.
  • How do I rent out a House or Apartment ?
    There are 2 ways. One is to give it monthly rent or the other is to give in on a long lease by taking a lump sum amount, which is refundable later.
  • How are the rentals calculated ?
    For residential properties it is calculated as a sum of money per month. For Commercial properties it is calculated on rupees per Square foot or Square meter basis.

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